With them I did different races including 3 marathons, several half marathons and other competitions 10 and 15 km. They were the ones to contact Giusy Versace giving me, through his organization Disabled No Limits, the racing prosthesis “. His other passion is 1xb et football IN CALENDAR – Costantin the wearer with the thoughtlessness of a child: “Do not project the races, I find them always as a challenge to overcome the distinguished.

I connect to the Internet or hear the boys, then I’m going to take it. ” “The next races I attend are the Stramilano, Sunday, March 25. Then I want to challenge the Passatore (26 and 27 May, 100 km from Florence to Faenza), and another on Lake Orta 10×10: August 4 to 13 will run a half marathon a day for ten days. ” In one of his races he could be joined by the boxer Giacobbe Fragomeni: “It ‘was an unexpected encounter, thanks to my neighbor Ion Tatar, also boxer, who knows him.

Racing with great champions is not all days. “Constantin also has also played football in the National amputees founded by Francesco Messori:” With him we met a long time. After a television service where he spoke of his dream of creating a team, I contacted him and we met. With the national team we have come a long way, and we’ll make even more. Thanks to Francis and the teammates I have always felt like family. ” Costantin is social health to the social cooperative Ankise.

It is also keen rescue: “For six years are a rescuer in Rho Relief”. “For business reasons I had to leave football, but one day I hope to return.” Certainly she did not leave her granite, contagious optimism :. To those who fell and struggled to get up again sends this message: “If you are afraid you try to change your world: look for a solution fears, seek the answer to deal with life. I’m missing a leg but I run forever, get in the game too. ” Constantin after a race Alberto Francescut

January 19, 2018 – Milan Right Everton Luiz Guimaraes Bilher, 29 years. Ansa Spal bought from Partizan Belgrade’s Brazilian midfielder Everton Luiz Guimaraes Bilher, 29 years. The player has signed with Ferrara club a contract until 2020 with option for next season. It will have the jersey number 25.

Before the Serbian team, Everton Luiz had played in South America, then to Switzerland in Lugano and St Gallen. Gasport

February 14, 2019 – Milan Someone will be in the field, others on the plane returning from a European trip. “But we know sports, we do not always manage to be on time and sometimes anniversaries we celebrate the early or late. What is important is the spirit, not the day”.

Valentine’s Day is the feast of the heart: on 14 February is the time when the spotlight is on all lovers, people of different nationalities, recent love affairs or older, relations between persons of the same sex, the latter situation also cleared in world of volleyball in the last few months. But a conductor alloy wire (almost) all the volleyball players: the couple’s relationship is easier if the other half is a sportsman.

There are common needs, similar mentality and a life lived at the same pace to make the coexistence less complex. To join Iacopo Botto and Martina Balboni is a report made easier by the fact that the two both play in Monza. Andrea Gardini and Novella Cristofoletti in Monza – “For some years we live – says the striker Vero Volley – and this makes things easier than when she played in Forlì.

The distance relationships are not easy, but with the right organization a solution lies always just want it. ” Knows Andrea Gardini, captain of the generation of phenomena and husband of Novella Cristofoletti, she also central protagonist in the 80s and 90s. “I’m out of Italy for seven seasons, do the job that I like and I’m passionate about, but I understand that if my side there was not a sports everything would be more complicated. My wife is aware that some moments you can not live like families “normal” and that we must carve out of certain periods to stay together because those in the world of volleyball, as in many other disciplines, is busy when others are on vacation. ” If there are common needs rhythms and then it becomes easier to deal with the various stages of the torque path. “I played, did the manager and the coach, all of which require very frequent moves and the uncertainty of the role that you cover at a working level.

It is not easy to bear if you come from a world far from sporty. The risk that you end up always talking about volley inside the house? To us it did not happen when we compared served there, at other times it is not discussed for months.

But no special rules, has always come across very spontaneous. ” Just as there have not been any pressure in the raising of children. “It ‘s always been my terror, which were seen as” children of … “creating problems and tensions. But I do not I have never taken too seriously and in my house do not even see a cup or a medal of those I won over the years. Why have my moments, I remember them, you do not need to display them.

And just recently my son David, who plays volleyball, told my wife and me: you did well not ever make us feel “pressures.  Guiggi and Djuric Guiggi and mixed Djuric – However widening the speech is not necessary that the couple is made up of volleyball players. Micha Hancock, director of Monza, is engaged to Obinna Emegano, basketball player engaged in Dijon in France. “We grew up in the same school in Oklahoma and ended when his training stopped to see those of volleyball.

The long-distance relationship? It is not easy, but when you’re happy to be with a person exceeds all the problems. We use FaceTime to feel as close as possible but we know that everyone has to have their own lives and not spend all the time on the phone. Valentine’s day? Of course I will celebrate, because it acts like a bouquet of flowers or a small gift are good for our love. ” Certainly the technology offers excellent tools to reduce the number of kilometers that separate couples.

It also happens to srećko lisinac, central Trento, boyfriend Stefana Veljkovic, homolog of Novara. “Skype or whatsapp are very useful, although when we meet in his free day, often in the middle, is another matter entirely. We met in Szczecin, a volleyball tournament, and we know that being engaged with a sportsman’s an advantage, because he understands the rhythms and issues that you live every day, in and out of the gym “.  Lisinac (right) and Veljkovic Lisinac (right) and Veljkovic all year – And on Valentine’s Day the couple’s theory Lisinac-Veljkovic is clear: “I do not celebrate for one simple reason: for us every day must be Valentine’s day”.

Alberto Polo, central Padua, some time ago steady couple with Valentina, player of the Blue Volleyball, patavina companies Serie C. Jailbird was a nuisance to the knee that made them meet in a physical therapy studio. “Playing in the same city we often one to the other games and we seeing each other very easily. But I see that some of my classmates can handle long distance relationships without any major problems with the will resolve everything.” Who keeps a lot on Valentine’s Day is the Tirozzi, spiker of Conegliano. “It ‘s also my name day – ride – therefore the right time to celebrate.

I find it a somewhat’ commercial holiday, but a thought never fails.” Married to Andrea Semenzato, former Central, they met when they both wore the jersey of Piacenza. “It is not a big city and it is easy to meet in the same premises. But then we went to play in distant teams and in that case the only solution is to get into the car and grind many kilometers. If there is a will you quietly and after the difficult moments come also the less complicated, and now the game in Conegliano and live in Mestre, it is the apotheosis “. Matthew Marchetti

February 25, 2019 – Milan Change in command. The first Team Ranking Journal after the All Star Game in Milwaukee offers the first place, with an overtaking maneuver on Golden State son the merits of running at Bucks (16 wins in 18 races) than demerits of the samples. The novelties in the ranking with which every Monday gazzetta.it measure the balance of power in the Association are so many, starting from Indiana that falls in the top 5 and the Lakers coming out of the top 15, with the playoffs increasingly distant.