Wednesday, July 6, 2011. A vessel as the others? – Baccalaureate reform – Chatel plays for time – rejected report – Sick … A vessel as the others? We had, as every year, at the same time the same images of joy and tears before the scoreboards baccalaureate results. In many beautiful pictures, almost timeless, although this year, the results were scrutinized a little closer after "leaks and false notes" and the start of a debate on a possible reform of this republican ritual. The results before catching the success rate in general baccalaureate (76.8% of production) and technological tray (67.9%) increased this year. The professional tray for its part, decreased (74.1%). In the S series, the success rate was 79.8%, 1.1 points higher than last year. The largest increase is to the credit of the ES series, with a jump of 3.9 points, to 75%. Fraud Business has it affected the results? S series, average in math are similar to those of previous years. In France Soir, a mathematics professor at Clermont-Ferrand, confirms: "Personally mean that I have to be substantially equivalent to what I have given in previous years. However, the dispersion of the notes has probably dug with a larger gap between the best and weakest. "For the president of the Mathematics Teachers Association, told Liberation, this caused additional difficulties for teachers. "With the revaluation of the points, markers had great difficulty in not looking at the probability of exercise. How to properly analyze the copy? How to know if there is fraud or not? ". He adds "What remains is a feeling of bitterness, the idea that things were not as they should be." Take a step back with Marie Duru-Bellat questioned by echoes about the fraud bin. It situates the problem: "New technologies have problems, it’s true. But most worrying is that this behavior [Fraud] reflects a "diploma disease", as I discussed in "School inflation" in 2006. For young people, the main thing is to . have the diploma, regardless of what they have learned "mention Tray" reform "In the same article, the sociologist Marie Duru Bellat also questioned possible reform of the baccalaureate:" teachers need a carrot to have students work. The test is also used to this, but instead of passing all subjects, each student could draw lots for two or three. Which would reduce the number of copies and therefore the cost. Maintain the trough test, even in a reduced form, but also maintain a rite of passage between high school and university, between the ages of life. "But the rite is misfiring, and that’s what which leads to a debate on a possible reform. A section of the site trying to take stock of the state of the debate on the subject of Bac. It evokes Claude Allegre, who in a forum Point (forthcoming) present the review as "fixed reference our educational system", "not to delete" for various reasons, including because it would be "a painful punctuation the loss of influence "of teachers. Luc Ferry, another former minister has "obviously introduce an element of continuous assessment, and the usual objections about the inequality that would result, because of the diversity of institutions, have no meaning if we take time think about it. " As many critics of the tank, he points that "the selection to the preparatory classes is done anyway before the results of the baccalaureate". Francois Bayrou, another former minister, for his part wants a modification of BA because "it hardly corresponds to what is expected." In an interview of the World (6 July 2011), Christian Forestier, co-chairman of the steering committee of the National Conference on school timetables, former president and veteran ministerial offices himself is favorable to the return of subjects academies minimize fraud and ensure "that may well keep some final tests and pass the rest being formed." And the current minister than he thinks? In an interview given to Liberation, the Minister of Education Luc Chatel says meanwhile, favors that the container is made of a training course in control or continuous control, while maintaining " national exam that is the same everywhere ".But for him, as it says the title of the article, it is to" adapt the tray, yes, revolutionize not. "And he says:" I am very attached to the tray and France is very attached "In addition, the Minister was asked about the removal of 14,000 positions in the national education in 2012 and whether it would be in the secondary since President Nicolas Sarkozy promised to "sanctuaries" school in 2012. "it is not decided, he says. in addition, the president said there would be as many classes in 2011. This means there will be as many closures than openings. But there still will be losses in the primary. " Rhythm Chatel plays for time in our of Monday, July 4, we discussed the report on school timetables. The document, entitled More balanced rhythms to the success of all is now available on the Department’s website. The ten proposals roughly correspond to assumptions that we mentioned on Monday. Luc Chatel, who is considering a comprehensive reform for the 2013 school year, has already identified three main lines tells The World "The first of these concerns the annual volume of the student, following decisions will have to be better distributed throughout the year and in any case burdened. The second principle concerns the generalization, at all levels, a time for individual support, which allows the implementation of a new educational approach more favorable to learning. The third principle is to find a better balance between the time of the child, the school time and family time. ". But it is especially urgent to wait, as the minister said would open a new phase, "the consultation of school partners: trade unions, associations of parents, community representatives and professionals from various sectors economic concerned by this issue. " As noted maliciously journalist Maryline Baumard: "In short, after a year of consultation, he raises a consultation …. "We were talking Report rejected in our previous reviews, the report of the" fact-finding mission on initial training and teacher recruitment methods "(composed of 14 deputies) formed in March 2010 and chaired by MP Jacques Grosperrin Doubs (UMP). This report included a "20th proposal" that suggested, neither more nor less, the removal of teachers contest. The Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education of the National Assembly voted Wednesday July i do my homework in english
6 against the publication of the information report on the training and recruitment of teachers. This is very rare. The report received 11 votes in favor, 15 against and two abstentions (which means that the majority of MPs voted against). Asked by Le Monde, the deputy PS North, Yves Durand commented "This is unprecedented. I am a member since 1988 and never saw the publication of an information report be rejected in committee. In my opinion, the proposal 20 is a trial balloon launched by the UMP, and a government attempt to breach in the status of the civil service "According to him, this vote could stop the work of the Mission on teacher recruitment. Or it could later propose a new version of the report. "We do not know what will happen," the deputy PS. In the interview with Liberation we mentioned earlier Luc Chatel had reacted (before the announcement of rejection) to report considering that the elimination of competition was "not topical". But he added: "it is the role of Parliament to make proposals and foresight to fifteen years." Patients (were not those that are believed …) When the college (private off-contract) Daniel Guebwiller discovered that one of his teachers lived in a relationship with another man, he offered two options: either leave office by conventional breach of contract (break out of court) or "come back later once he was cured." This past Tuesday to log information from France 3 was taken by the Ouest France newspaper. To be more specific the school proposed to follow a "rehab" for nine months in Spain and supposed cure his homosexuality considered a "disease of the soul. The teacher finally chose the former. Since then, after a period of depression, the teacher found a job, this time in Education. He had an appointment Tuesday morning at the Halde (High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality) to discuss his case. This column is probably the last of the year (school). Begun in May 2003, the daily took place in the small world of education and pedagogy and found a readership. Thank you to all those who tell me to enjoy it. But it also is becoming increasingly important and therefore place in the schedule of its editor. I hope to find solutions for this company to continue in that form or another in September. Until then, happy holidays to all. Good reading… ——————————————— – of 06/07/11 (some paid items) math Test S tray "will remain a feeling of bitterness" it’s time for the results of final S graduates who saw their points revalued in mathematics after discovering a fraud. Teachers side, opinions differ on the impact of this case. Read more of the article Unef worries of the first decisions of Laurent Wauquiez The new Minister of Higher Education announced in particular the increase in university fees. Read more of the article School: Luc Chatel seeks his pace The report submitted yesterday calls to return to the four-day week and shorten the summer holidays. One year before the presidential election, the minister chooses caution. Read more of the article Copy Honorable The tray for the 2011 National Education yesterday presented the first results of the test. Read more of the article "Adapt bin yes, the non revolutionize" Luc Chatel defended the review after the controversy over fraud that disrupted S. Read series following article —— ————————————— Le Figaro 06/07/11 Bachelor: the results slightly up despite a leak and a change of scale, the S tray mathematical notes were unchanged. Read more of the article Bachelor: the tracks of reform after fraud S tray, the idea of ??an overhaul of the national examination progresses. She still faces hostilities. Read more of the article Bac S: "The situation was difficult for corrective" INTERVIEW – Eric Barbazo, president of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of Higher Education, explains the difficulties encountered by the prescription of the proof that 2011 Masters, tainted by the fraud case on exercises to test math science industry. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the (some paid items) of 06/07/11 the report proposing the removal of teachers rejected contest report disclosed and immediately buried … the Committee on cultural Affairs and education of national Assembly voted Wednesday July 6 against the publication of the information report on the training and recruitment of teachers. Read more of the article tray: a mention if anything? While thirty years ago for a "very good" (more than average 16/20) the ferry was an absolute sign of excellence – even one entered directly at Sciences Po Paris without either contest or interviews – it is now becoming almost commonplace in the best schools. The percentage of students obtaining honors is well past 20 years of 1.4 7% in general programs. However, it is rare in the technology series (1%) and professional (0.9%). In all, nearly 50% of the general series of students get a mention (against 35% in techno tray and 46% on a pro). Read more of the article Tray: Favorable Luc Chatel in a continuous control over the final exam Minister of Education Luc Chatel expressed support that the tray is made of a current control training or continuous monitoring, while maintaining a "national examination which is the same everywhere." Read more of the article The success rate on the rise in general and technology tray Interim results 2011 Tray written tests reveal that the success rate in the general baccalaureate and technological bac increased, while that of vocational baccalaureat has declined, according to a Ministry of education published Tuesday, July 5. Read more of the article tray: and if I fail? That’s it you’ve had your results and, wham, you are not received. If your average is at least 8/20, you will of course pass remedial oral that allow more than two thirds of candidates of general baccalaureate to get eventually. But if you fail again, what to do? Read more of the article history textbooks of passages concerning Palestine will be modified Passages new contemporary history textbooks to the first general classes, contested by Jewish organizations, will be "modified" to opportunity to print the final versions, said Monday, July 4 publisher Hachette Education. Read more of the article ten proposals to improve school rhythms of the Child Report on school rhythms delivered on Monday 4 July to Education Minister Luc Chatel by the National Conference, advocated a more respectful school calendar child and adolescent. Ten proposals were made to the minister. According to his entourage, no decision will be taken for the next school year. Are these proposals will emerge? Does it will be a topic of debate in the campaign for the 2012 presidential election? Time will tell. The Minister has already indicated that it would conduct "consultations" to shorten the summer break from school year 2013-2014. Read more of the article Rhythms school: time is "consulting school partners" Luc Chatel finally received, Monday, July 4, the report on school timetables. The document, entitled More balanced rhythms to the success of all, was developed by Odile Quintin, former Director General for Education and Culture at the European Commission and Christian Forestier, deputy head of the Conservatoire national des arts et metiers. Read more of the article A report that burns the fingers of the Minister how, during the same term of office, establish the four-day week and the break without appearing to retract? The challenge is to live up to the embarrassment of Luc Chatel. Monday, July 4, the steering committee of the Conference on school timetables must provide the Minister of Education a report already burnt his fingers. Scheduled for early May the copy made has ceased to be delayed by the Ministry … to finally take place in July. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 06/07/11 Living with Facebook can be learned! According to a study published yesterday, half of 8-17 years are enrolled on a social network. Read more of the article The school rhythms to the report’s steering committee, which yesterday submitted its report to Luc Chatel, advocates shortening fortnight great vacation and come back to weeks four and a half days. Read more of the article course in the morning, no teacher in the afternoon The device "lessons in the morning, sports in the afternoon", which will involve 250 schools in September, marks a new stage of disengagement State in education. Read more of the article baccalaureate results The results of the 2011 session are available online for free from Tuesday, July 5. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 06/07/11 bachelor Chatel favor more Luc Chatel continuous control is "not opposed" to the strengthening of continuous monitoring in scoring baccalaureate . In an interview with Liberation, the Minister of Education is ready to "adapt" the review, but not the "revolutionize". Read more of the article 76.8% of receipts to the general tray before catching the 654 548 baccalaureate candidates, regardless of their industry, knew Tuesday morning if received on the first try, glued or summoned to catch . The results are still preliminary, but, already, the success rate in the general baccalaureate and technological bac increased, while that of vocational baccalaureat fell. Read more of the article A Facebook account to 12 years, it is serious? They want to be like the "big teens" and have their profile on Facebook. The law forbade them to own one then they cheat about their age. Our advice to coach and manage this activity. Read more of the article Our candidates hardcover thriller End yesterday for the 654 548 candidates, among them high school students in Savigny-sur-Orge (Essonne) that we have followed since January. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— France Soir 06/07/11 Bachelor: can the continuous monitoring minimize fraud? Since the beginning of 2011, an impressive number of quacks, frauds and incidents marred the holding of competitions, and many leaks bachelor disrupted events. To fight against this growing problem, some scholars suggest a continuous control tray. What do you think ? collected your reaction on video. Read more of the article The year 2011: a good year for bachelor’s High School Students flocked on Tuesday morning to see if they had passed their exam. Some were received on the first try, others were summoned to catch. The unluckiest, meanwhile, retenteront their chance next year. Anyway, the success rate in the general baccalaureate (76.8% of production) and technological tray (67.9%) increased this year. The professional tray for its part, decreased (74.1%). Read more of the article A teacher who corrected the tray: "Fraud in math changed nothing to the marks obtained" The day the results of the tank, Nouhen Michel, professor of mathematics at Clermont-Ferrand, the judge fraud and rating guidelines have not affected the degree. Read more of the article Bac 2011: expected results but a controversial edition Rarely, bachelor has had more troubles than the 2011 edition Retrospective of these events, which have made the news and fodder for the media. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 06/07/11 ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 06/07/11 More than one in four did not go on holiday in 2010 and lack of resources time, more than one in four did not go on holiday in 2010, according to a study published Wednesday by the young Christian Workers (YCW) on holiday departures youth. Read more of the article LICRA will intensify its actions against racism in schools The Minister of Education Luc Chatel and the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) on Tuesday signed a "partnership strengthened "to prevent and combat racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination in schools. Read more of the article Bayrou wants to "rethink" the bachelor President of the Modem ruled Wednesday for a modification of BA because "it hardly corresponds to what is expected." Read more of the article Iran: Ahmadinejad comes to gender diversity in universities Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the "immediate cessation" of separation between boys and girls that some Iranian universities began to establish, reported Wednesday the official news agency IRNA. Read more of the article tray: first results up to the general and tech sectors, down bac pro The first results of the 2011 tray are up for general and tech sectors, but down for the vocational baccalaureate, compared to 2010, while the results of the tank S, which focused the attention due to fraud increased slightly, according to preliminary figures from the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article 76.8% success before oral Over three quarters of baccalaureate candidates – 76.8% -have graduated after the first set of trials before oral. An increase in success rates of 2 percentage points compared to 2010. In the S series, the success rate was 79.8%, 1.1 points higher than last year. But averages in math are similar to those of previous years. The largest increase is to the credit of the ES series, with a jump of 3.9 points, to 75%. 654,000 candidates were registered, a figure up 6.3% year on year. Catch-up tests take place until Saturday. Read more of the article "The Bachelor remains a rite of passage," The first results of the tray were published yesterday. The review was marked by Internet leaks that have reignited the debate on its usefulness. Read more of the article Rhythms school: Luc Chatel playing for time The government paid a high price for the haste with which it was decided to switch to the four-day week at school, that is unanimously against it. The Education Minister, Luc Chatel, who yesterday received the conclusions of the report of the committee on school timetables, will not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor, Xavier Darcos. It has therefore been decided …. not especially put anything in place before 2013. Read more of the article ———————— ———————— 20 minutes from 06/07/11 Teacher sacked for his homosexuality: "They told me that it was a" disease of the soul "" He complained Tuesday to the High authority against discrimination … Read More Article Bac Luc Chatel ready to "fit" without the "revolutionize" Even if it is not subject to question its existence … Read More Article ————————— ——————— Rue89 of 06/07/11 Behind the scenes of a jury tray: available in two hours the ferry jury STI applied arts: a parody of deliberation. Hand voting is lifted in the hubbub and without debate. Never seen in 15 years of participation in juries bachelor all general and technological series … almost. Read more of the article New graduates, if you knew what to expect … You just landed your bin? Bravo, but it is just beginning. At least for those of you who do not have the chance to integrate the great preparatory classes and will meet in the university. First you will need to understand the workings of the system. Let’s start with the Crous, responsible, inter alia, to pay you your scholarship each month (in principle). Read more of the article Brazil, another victim of the geo test bac A local resident was startled by seeing the map of Brazil when corrected geography tests of ES channels and L of the tray 2011. After Corsica assigned to Italy brevet, definitely, the Ministry of Education is angry with the mapping. Our waterfront has identified four errors, which we have corrected here in red from the original base map provided to students: Read more of the article —————— —————————— West of France 06/07/11 Jaunay-Clan (86). A teacher comes in to correct religious patent results of the patent just fallen, but in Jaunay-Clan, in Vienna, the 2011 edition of DNV will taste bitter. According to the County Center Daily Press, a teacher showed up last Friday dressed in religious private school Saint-Exupery to correct copies of history and geography. Read more of the article A professor pushed out to be homosexual At Guebwiller, commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace, a teacher of 35 years was asked to step down because of his homosexuality in early of the school year. Read more of the article Scientists graduates can blow After the leakage test in mathematics and the cancellation of a year, it was time to the relief yesterday at the billboards. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 06/07/11 a 2011 ferry finally like other Despite the controversy that has surrounded the cancellation of a mathematical exercise series S, the 2011 vintage of the bachelor is comparable to those previous years. In general education, almost 77% of high school seniors got their precious card, bypassing the catch box, announced Tuesday the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article School Rhythm: the end of the summer holidays? A pilot report on school timetables is delivered Monday to the Minister of Education, Luc Chatel. The authors would advocate particular to lengthen the work week with an additional half-day and shorten the summer holidays. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 06/07/11 Bac 2011: a student gets 20/20 PTA Aged 17, Anthony Rougier did not get 20 in all subjects but was able to offset through elective options. Read more of the article of general education success rates and up Tech Those professional pan are, however, down. Read More Article Results tray: S series The scanned 654,548 candidates in the 2011 trough, regardless of industry, general, technological or professional, will experience Tuesday results. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr Chatel 06/07/11 supports continuous monitoring bac Minister of Education attaches great importance to the final exam, said he was not opposed to that part of the tray is done continuously control . Read more of the article More graduates this year than in 2010 … except for the pro tray. The results of the S tray, which focused the attention due to fraud increased slightly. It remains to wait for the oral final figures. Read more from the article "Your tray, you have with or without mention?" Some have won the precious, others regret mention. But for most, it is the change in fee schedule following the leak S tray that will be remembered 2011 hot Testimonials in a Parisian high school. Read more of the article Bac 2011: "There would not have had to scale changes" The results of BA were made public on Tuesday morning. was Colbert High School, in the tenth arrondissement of Paris, where only terminal S were recovering their valuable degree. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the pedagogical Cafe Cafe 06/07/11 the educational and IPSOS unveil July 7 the results of the investigation ICT the ICT revolution is she walking among teachers? Yes and no. The educational Cafe reveals Thursday, July 7, 11 to 12 am at the reception Reille (34 Avenue Reille, Paris 14th) the results of an Ipsos. He peels the feelings of secondary school teachers on their practices and expectations of the CTBT. Read more of the article Is the tray right? While the Ministry publishes the results of the first group of tests, the question of legitimacy arises in new terms. Is the scoring in just bin? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — 06/07/11 Touteduc the school rhythms (paid access): the tourism professionals met the Umih welcomes the report of the contents of school timetables. The Union of crafts and hospitality industries will find the proposals it had made when she was auditioned, even if it is attached to the two-day weekend Read more of the article — ——————————————- Mediapart (fees apply) 06 /07/11 Rien vu… —————————————– —– du 06/07/11 Rien vu… ——————————- ————— EducPros du 06/07/11 Reforme du bac : Luc Chatel joue l’entre-deux Les bugs du bac 2011 ont ravive les debats sur l’utilite du bac et les facons de le moderniser. Luc Chatel, le ministre de l’Education nationale, s’est declare en faveur d’une partie de controle en cours de formation ou de controle continu, tout en voulant maintenir un examen national. Une prise de position tout en nuance a un an de la presidentielle et qui arrive apres des debats passionnes entre les pourfendeurs et les defenseurs du bac. Lire la suite de l’article ———————————————————– VousNousIls du 06/07/11 Rythmes scolaires: les maires favorables a une semaine plus longue Les maires se sont declares mercredi favorables au principe du retour a une semaine scolaire etalee sur une plus longue periode, a l’occasion du debat sur les rythmes scolaires. Lire la suite de l’article Formation des enseignants: le systeme francais est isole en Europe (rapport) Le systeme francais de formation des enseignants est isole en Europe, du fait de l’importance accordee aux savoirs academiques, un trait que la "masterisation" a meme accentue, selon un rapport parlementaire dont l’AFP a eu copie mais qui ne sera pas publie en l’etat ni dans l’immediat. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. 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